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Skateboarding Tips

Posted by in Recreation: Sports: Skateboarding  ~  July 11, 2012 12:02:20 AM

Skateboarding today is not the same as twenty years ago. Skateboarding has become a statement, a religion and an extreme sport. And we spectators are simply amazed with the death defying exhibitions that can be done with a simple wooden board with 4 small wheels. How is it possible to do that we say! And how does one really start at it? Well here are a few beginner skateboarding tips.

Purchase a good quality board

There are literally hundreds of skateboards in the market today. Hunting for the right skateboard that fits you can be a difficult choice with the numerous brand types available today. One tip is to ask someone who has been boarding for a while and get recommendations. Another option would be to actually visit a skateboard shop and talk with personnel who can give you options regarding good skateboard brand to purchase. Prices of a reasonable skateboard brand for beginners would range from a $ 100-$130. Anything more than that is for professionals.

Invest on safety equipment

We all have seen spectacular skateboarders do different unimaginable stunts with a piece of board. And our jaws drop every time they pull it off successfully. Let me tell you that stunt was not done the first time. The fact is they have probably fallen more times than the number of times they were able to do that exhibition to master it. And without using proper safety equipment, they would probably end with a cast on an arm or broken a pelvic. Therefore, invest on safety gear like a protective head gear, elbow pads, and gloves.

You have an option to set up your board

There are many ways to set up your board and personalize it. You could change the rails to the color that suits you and not only that, but also find the rail style you like for your board. You can even upgrade the wheels. Try visiting a local skateboard shop and you’ll notice that there are several branded wheels you can purchase to upgrade your board. Some pros I know even design the board themselves and customize its shape to their liking and create an originality statement for themselves. Of course there’s the radical spray painting of the board. We can say that every skateboard can have its own personality.

Start with the basic skateboarding

If you are a newbie in skateboarding, I highly advice you to stay away from skate parks. It is simply not your time yet. You can literally get run over. And please stay away from the ramp. That was not made for you. That thing is for experienced thrashers not an amateur like you. Stay on your own zone for awhile and build up your confidence and skill. Keep your board on flat surfaces first. Start by focusing on balance. Get good at that first. Then learn the dynamics of how to make your board turn in corners by shifting your weight side to side. When you are ready start practicing with other techniques like an Ollie or a heel flip. Take it a step at a time.