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Natural Ways of Cleansing the Colon

Posted by in Health: Resources  ~  July 22, 2012 08:27:27 PM

The colon is one of the most important parts of your body. This is where all the food you eat gets to be absorbed and thus all the unwanted wastes become eliminated. Your colon is the one responsible for eliminating all of the waste products and the bacteria and then use up all the minerals from the food that passes through your colon. However, the colon may experience difficulty in performing these functions if the fecal matter inside becomes too compacted. This is the reason why being constipated should not be taken lightly. As you let this happen, you also let the toxins build up inside your colon.

Nowadays, there are lots of natural ways in which you can cleanse your colon. Among the easiest and the most popular way in which the colon can be cleansed is through regulating a proper diet. Much of the stuff that affects the colon is also brought about by the food we eat. Most professionals and dieticians would advise eating foods enriched with high fiber content because this helps clean the colon and thus facilitate regular removal of bowels. Experts would advise that around twenty to twenty five grams of fiber must be taken in every day. Wheat is often known to be a high source of fiber as well as oatmeal.

Another easy and truly cheap way of naturally cleansing the colon is by drinking around 75 ounces of water daily. And with water, we mean here pure drinking water and not any of those carbonated drinks. Drinking water helps the body to regain its peristaltic functions which must happen naturally inside the body. Aside from this, drinking water regularly also helps cleanse the insides of the colon and also loosen up the fecal matter so that it can be easily removed out of the person’s body. It is also highly advisable that when you take in fiber, you also take in lots of water because fiber effectively traps in bacteria while water helps flush it out of your system easily.

Some people also promote the use of herbs and mix them in juices or even in some food. It can be said that concoctions made from naturally growing herbs are among the oldest yet most effective ways of cleansing the colon. Aside from facilitating a better means of bowel movement, herbs can also immediately produce anti toxins inside the body and strengthen the body’s system against certain bacteria. In this way, the colon becomes less susceptible into receiving toxins from whatever it is that you consume. Herbs can also kill parasites which can be residing inside the colon and if left can cause health problems in the future.

Another natural way of cleaning the colon is of course allowing yourself to sleep regularly. When you sleep well within the right hours, you allow yourself to facilitate its natural functions without interruptions. Although the body enters a state of relaxation during sleep, this is also the time when the body makes necessary repairs and prepares you for yet another round of activities.