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Binge Eating Treatment

Posted by in Health: Diseases & Conditions  ~  June 24, 2012 02:57:46 PM

Everyone can have a tendency to over eat on different occasions or during times when one is sad or happy. Although this can seem to be normal from time to time, it isn’t anymore if you do it habitually and in an uncontrollable manner. If you are feeling this out of control habit then you might be suffering from what you call binge eating disorder. Usually people who are binge eaters tend to use food in order for them to cope up with stress and other negative emotions that they might be feeling as of the moment. They have no idea that this compulsive eating habit may actually make them feel much worse than ever. The good thing is that this binge eating disorder can be cured using the help of professionals and support of the family.

What is Binge Eating?

This disorder is described as a compulsive overeating. People may seem to have lost control on consuming a big amount of food. A usual binge eating scenario last for about two hours but some can last all day long. If you are a binge eater, you tend to eat even if you are not that hungry and may still continue to eat after your stomach is already full. They eat without even tasting anything and even eat faster without actually chewing the food well.

The main thing about this binge eating disorder is the fact that one may become upset or sad after bingeing. They don’t make an attempt to vomit, to fast or even to exercise in order to remove everything the food in their system. People who suffers from this disorder often times find themselves struggling with their emotional feelings of disgust and depression. After bingeing they worry about its effects and they lose all their self control. They want to stop it but they can’t.

According to studies, a lot of people suffer from over eating and making it a common problem. Men and women alike are affected by this kind of disorder. Teenagers are also being affected by this disorder due to the fact that they are conscious with their weight.

Treatment for Binge Eating

There are many things that you can do to prevent and to stop binge eating. It is very important that you ask for support and help from a professional. Nutritionist, psychiatrist, therapist other health specialist are the people who can help you. The main goal of the treatment is to lessen and to remove completely over eating episode. Weight loss is another goal when it comes to treating binge eating.

  • Therapy is one of the most successful cures for binge eating. Therapy sessions can help you fight the tendency to over eat. It can also help you develop healthy habits and avoid the not so healthy ones. Therapy can also monitor your moods and develop ways on how to fight stress. There are three types of therapy that you could undergo – cognitive behavioral, interpersonal psychotherapy and dialectical behavior therapy.
  • Support from family, friends and therapist can also cure binge eating disorder especially because it is hard to break eating patterns. Join a support group where members can actually share their experiences to you. You can join group therapy sessions led by a qualified therapist.
  • Another option is taking oral medications like anti depressants, appetite suppressants and topamax.