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Five Unique Beach Gifts For Family Back Home

Posted by in Shopping: Gifts  ~  April 24, 2012 05:24:23 PM

When you travel on a family beach vacation it is inevitable that you will have to leave someone behind. Whether it is friends, family, or even work associates, it is customary to try to bring back some type of gift for them. Trying to find a beach gift that is unique is sometimes quite a challenge, as most of the gifts at the beach are pretty standard. Still, there are a number of beach gifts that can be wonderfully unique if you take some time to think it over. Here are five great unique beach gifts that might help to get your creativity started:

1. A Shark Tooth

While shark teeth have been around as beach gifts for decades, you can now find shark teeth that are very unique. From the huge megladon shark teeth, to the smaller versions, it is very easy to find one that is unlike any you have seen before. Finding one that stands out and is different from the others is the key.

2. Ocean Boxes

This neat idea is relatively new to the beach shopping scene, but it is growing in popularity. These boxes contain shells, sand, and even ocean water from the beach that you are staying at. They are set up in a decorative fashion, but the coolest part is the fact that they bring all the sights and smells of the beach home to the person left behind.

3. A Fishing Net Collage

These are wonderful beach gift ideas. They are unique in the fact that you can personalize them in any fashion you think the person might like. Add crabs, dolphins, sharks, or any number of different shells or coral to make it a colorful gift. You can really fix up a fishing net collage and put your own personal signature in each and every one.

4. Beach Lanterns

These wonderful beach gift ideas are as varied as they are beautiful. Usually they are candles set inside a lantern housing that hangs in some fashion. The wonderful designs can include pretty much anything that the person getting the gift likes, and it will be a source of great joy to them every time they light it up. Add in some extra candles, and plenty of love for a very special beach gift.

5. A Beach Basket

This is a highly personalized beach gift that can be made piece by piece. Simply buy a nice beach basket and add in things throughout each of the locations that you visit. Each time you visit the sand, then you should add shells, starfish, and other things that you come across. If you visit a restaurant, take a small token from there for the basket as well. The same goes for all the various things you might do such as aquariums and water parks. This can give them a virtual tour of your trip and lets them know you were thinking of them throughout the vacation.