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All Boxed Up

Posted by in Society: Relationships  ~  June 16, 2012 10:24:31 PM

A box is a four dimensional square that is full of corners. When used to describe a person, one is all boxed up when he is square and full of sharp edges. A square person is one who sets boundaries for himself that are limited. Not much space is given for creativity as all corners are closed. It’s also made up of straight lines, all equal in proportions leaving no room for variety.

Squares are those who focus their effort into looking for their comfort zone, and dedicating their life to preserving it. They love the feeling of order and security, and would sacrifice adventure and new experiences for this. Limiting their options is seen as not a waste of opportunities, but a saving of resources as no risks are taken. The value of new things also doesn’t add up to much as the threat to the old ways too much a price for them to take.

Their edges are also sharp as they do not intend to adjust to anyone or anything for the sake of preserving order. It doesn’t matter if other people are locked out or hurt with the edges, what matters most is keeping their world intact. This limits the relationship of square to fellow squares as only flat surfaces can survive the sharp corners of its shelter.

Squares box up their world in fear of the unknown. It is understandable to aspire for order and comfort, but those who are all boxed up are prone to stagnation. This can lead to boredom, which can elevate to frustration.

That is why the common advice of the wise and experienced is to break away from the box. For those who chose fear over adventure in the past and regretted it, they might have seen their potential growth too late in the ball game, or the possible upgrade to contented happiness from fixed comfort had they stretched their reach further.

Life has so much to give and all of it is up for grabs for anyone to take. Living inside a box protects ones world from outsider forces, but also limits ones views on what’s ahead. Taking a peak once in a while to see the latest trends is healthy, it might encourage one person to give the world outside a chance to prove that boundaries don’t have to be straight and linear for it to serve its purpose of bringing order. Boxes can also be broken down to take on more sides that can make the shape of ones world interesting.

Jumping out of the box is a challenge as it requires courage and strength in heart to let go of old habits. It also requires strong faith from the person, enough for them to believe that no matter what happens to their box, their world will be secured and comfortable. It may give the feeling of loss and uncertainty at the beginning, but this can be easily fight off by believing in the future and good things to come.